Billing Services

Every time you pay your Wise Electric bill, you support a small part of the cooperative. We offer services to help make paying your bill a little easier.

Stop Monthly Statements And Go Paperless

1) Go to select bill pay and register as a new user.
2) Enter a valid email address or cell phone for text messaging.
3) Send an email to and request paperless billing.
If you need further assistance in setting up paperless billing please contact out office for assistance.

Paying Your Bill
The easiest way to pay your bill is through our online bill pay portal. There, you can manage your payment method, see your current and previous statements and schedule future payments. Click the link below to get started with online bill pay.
To pay your bill in person or through the mail, consult the instructions on your monthly billing statement. You’ll find directions, office hours and our mailing address on our Contact Us page. You can also manage your account (and track outages) through our iOS app for iPhone and iPad users or our app for Android phones and tablets.
Bank Draft Discount
Paying on time has its benefits. As a way of showing our appreciation to our members who keep their accounts in good standing, we offer a 2% discount for accounts with an automatic bank account draft. You’ll still receive a bill for your records, but the funds will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. You’ll see those 2% discounts as a line item so you can watch your savings add up. You might even want to put it on your refrigerator to showcase a job (and savings) well done. To set up an automatic bank draft, fill out and send us the form below.
Bill Extensions & Flexibility
Sometimes the unexpected happens. We know that money can come and go, so we offer several bill extension and flexibility options on a case-by-case basis. Our local customer service team handles every request personally based on your individual situation. It’s one of our favorite benefits of being a regional cooperative — we get the chance to better serve you and your needs.

Have an issue you need to discuss? The best way to find a solution is to contact us directly at (940) 627-2167 or through our online form.

Request Letter of Credit
Some companies will waive or reduce a deposit if you have a good credit standing with another company. If you’re in good standing with Wise Electric, you can request a Letter of Credit to send to another utility or services company. To request a Letter of Credit, please contact us.

Brazos Electric Ratepayer Hardship Fund Assistance Program

The Brazos Electric Ratepayer Hardship Fund assistance program provides bill credits to eligible low income residential cooperative customers to cover the cost of recently added bill charges due to the high costs incurred during Winter Storm Uri in 2021. You may be eligible for additional assistance via other programs for other portions of your electric bill.
Ready to pay your bill?
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