Distribution Generation (DG)

How do Solar Panels work?

Sunlight is absorbed by photovoltaic cells, creating an electric field. This electric field generates an electric current (DC). Inverters convert the DC electricity to AC for household use. Solar panels will NOT keep your home powered in the event of an outage without the help of a generator or storage batteries. Inverters need to be powered by AC to convert the power from the panels (DC) to usable energy in your home (AC).

What is Wise Electric Co-ops solar policy?

Wise Electric’s solar policy for under 50 KW is net metering with avoided cost buy back. With the net buyback program we take your kWh you produce with you solar and credit you at our retail rate, which is .113 per kWh. If there is a remainder of kWh produced from your sol.ar you will be compensated by avoided cost buy back which ranges on a month to month basis. The term “avoided cost” means the cost of energy provided by the Cooperative’s wholesale power provider(s). There is no monthly fee to have solar; however, there is a one-time $250.00 application per meter fee. Review the full DG Tariff.

How do I get started?

Typically the solar company you choose does all of the following for you. We will need the application and long form contract filled out including a DG plan detailing the electrical design, interconnection requirement, and system size. You also can read our DG manual which has some great information pertaining to our DG program.


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