Powering Our Mission
At Wise Electric, our mission is to provide safe, reliable, competitively priced electric and related services to you, our members. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life through our high standard of performance, dedication and integrity. And we do this by following the seven principles of a cooperative.
The Seven Cooperative Principles


Voluntary and Open Membership
We’re open to everyone, without any gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.


Democratic Member Control
Our members democratically participate in setting policies and making decisions.


Members’ Economic Participation
Every time you pay your electricity bill, you’re financially supporting the cooperative as a whole.


Autonomy and Independence
Our members have a say in policies and operations — and we like to keep it that way.


Education, Training and Information
It’s our responsibility to give members the tools they need to contribute to the cooperative.


Cooperation Among Cooperatives
We’re members of partnerships big and small, all in the name of serving you better.


Concern for Community
The communities our members call home are just as important to us as our members.
Our Electric History

North Central Texas was a little different when Wise Electric got its start in 1938. Nine out of ten rural homes didn’t have electric power. Light came from kerosene lanterns and no one had cell phones to charge. A few years earlier, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Rural Electrification Administration. The REA lent funds to cooperatives like us to build lines and establish electricity in rural areas. Today, most rural power is the product of locally owned electric cooperatives.

Although we started in Wise County, our service area now extends to seven counties: Clay, Cooke, Denton, Jack, Parker, Montague and Wise. Over 17,000 members power Wise Electric, and we send electricity over 3,350 miles of energized line and 150 miles of underground line.

Partnerships for Progress
One of our guiding principles is to work alongside other cooperatives. You could even say we’re members of these great partnerships ourselves — members helping members.

These fine folks advocate for your interests in the Texas legislature, publish Texas Co-op Power Magazine and provide crucial services to our employees.

Interested in becoming a member?