Updated 3/24/2020

Wise Electric will be closing the lobbies of both the Decatur and Bowie offices effective Wednesday, March 25.
Decatur Office – Drive-Thru will remain open and we have taken provisions to best assist our Member for all Cooperative business.
Bowie Office – Night Drop will still be available and processed as normal.
Decatur – (940)627-2167     Bowie – (940)872-2933
Email – customerservice@wiseec.com

In the efforts to reduce exposure of the Corona-virus to our employees, membership and vendors, Wise Electric Cooperative has implemented the following protocols:


Office Personnel Protocols:


⇒  Stay home if you’re sick: monitor your symptoms and call your doctor

⇒  Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth or tissue when you sneeze or cough

⇒  Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water

⇒  Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces

⇒  Avoid shaking hands, bump fists or elbows when you greet others

⇒  Maintain a social distance of six feet or more when possible

⇒  Open doors and flip switches with an elbow or knuckle

⇒  Unsolicited Vendors will be turned away

⇒  All appointments with current vendors have been canceled and will be postponed until further notice.

⇒  Along with additional cleaning in the lobby, our employees will be wearing gloves as they conduct daily business.


Outside Personnel Protocols:


⇒  Maintain “social distancing”

⇒  Refrain from all social contact including handshakes, fist bumps, etc.

⇒  Aggressively clean and sanitize all cooperative vehicles and equipment

⇒  Employees will attempt to call as opposed to knocking on doors to inform customer of needed access or for other reasons

⇒  If a door visit is necessary, the employee is encouraged to step back in an effort to maintain a social distance

These guidelines are very fluid and may change frequently.  Please be patient with the cooperative and its employees as we go through this difficult time.  Our main goal is to ensure the safety and health of everyone while still providing quality electric service.

With these temporary changes and working together we can help to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19.