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“Powered by members” isn’t just a metaphor we use to talk about ourselves. Having an energy-efficient home — especially during the hottest and coldest times of the year — can help our electricity network run more efficiently and reliably.

Energy Audits

Performing a do-it-yourself energy audit helps you learn different ways to save energy at home. Energy savings come in all sizes big and small, starting with what light bulbs you use around the house. Consult the audit checklist the next time you’re renovating — some of the most effective adjustments you can make are also the biggest, like insulation and window fittings.

Thanks to our partners at Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, you can perform an at-home audit from the comfort of your computer. Take a digital home savings tour at the link below.

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Once you’ve performed an audit of your home, it’s time to get into the good stuff. We’re talking about cold, hard savings. All you need to do to start saving is contact us and we’ll help set up an audit with you at your home. For all qualifying energy-saving items or repairs, you’ll receive a one-time rebate through our Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Individual rebates are shown below.

Savings at Home

LED (Light Emitting Diode) $1.00
HVAC Tune Up $50
Energy Star Room A/C $30
High Efficiency Water Heater $25
Heat Pump Water Heater $25
Energy Star Major Appliances $25
Solar Screens – 80% Blockage $10
Programmable Wifi Thermostat $50


High Efficiency Heat Pumps

16 or Higher SEER Heat Pump $200


New Home Construction

Energy Efficient New Home Construction $450 – $600


Many rebates require a pre-inspection and have additional minimum requirements. Please contact us before performing any construction if you want to take advantage of a rebate.

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