Current Maintenance / Planned Outages

Pole inspection in New Fairview area this includes Coyote Ridge, Chisholm hills and Prairie View

The cooperative’s pole inspection contractor, Quality Pole Inspection and Maintenance (QPIM) will begin working in the New Fairview area of our system on or about Monday, November 26th, 2018. This area will be mainly that portion of WEC’s service area north of FM 407, east of US 81/287, and then mainly on the south and west sides of FM 2264. This will include the subdivisions of Coyote Ridge, Chisolm Hills, and the southern portion of Prairie View Estates as well as areas south of FM 2264 in the area of CR 4430. These contractors are likely to be in the area for the next couple of months due mainly to the vast amount of poles that they will be inspecting. Please provide these employees the same courtesy as you would any other cooperative employee. The cooperative would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and as always, please contact our Decatur office with questions or concerns.

Routine maintenance

In an effort to improve our electric distribution system, Wise EC is currently performing routine maintenance on or near the Blockers Camp, Northside Marina area located on Lake Bridgeport. This project is being performed in an effort to improve the electric service in the area around Lake Bridgeport. This project will include, but not be limited to, changing and upgrading of facilities including poles, transformers, conductor(s), and the clearing or tree trimming of existing rights of way. The cooperative’s contractor, FX5 Construction, will be performing the majority of the project. Please extend the same courtesy to them as you would and WEC employee. Thank you in advance as always, if you have any questions or comments, please call our Decatur office at 940-627-2167.

QPIM Inspection Crew

Will resume work on October 1st, this work will be East of Decatur, in areas near CR 4010, County Line Rd, Hwy 380 East, and all throughout the Allison community. if you recently changed your gate code please contact our office to update our records.

WEC has enlisted the services of TechServ, LTD to complete a pole assessment project in the Paradise and Boyd area. The route will be mainly along Highway 114 between Paradise and Boyd and then extend toward each town’s high school area from there. The vehicles will be clearly marked with TechServ signage and the project should take no longer than 2 weeks to complete. Please extend the same courtesy to these contracting employees as you would our cooperative employees. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.