Current Maintenance / Planned Outages

Lone Star Substation Repair

On the morning of February 12, 2019, Brazos Electric Cooperative discovered that there was a copper theft in a substation near the town of Alvord. The substation supplies power to Wise Electric Cooperative distribution lines and to properly repair the damage safely, employees for Brazos Electric had to de-energize the transformer that supplies those distribution lines with power. Wise Electric Cooperative experienced a large power outage near the town of Alvord and the surrounding area around 7:45am due to the repairs that had to be made. The Wise County Sherriff’s Department is currently investigating the theft and will hopefully find who is responsible. If you have any information that may possibly lead the W.C.S.D. to the person or persons responsible, please contact their office.
Public safety is a top priority for us here at Wise Electric Cooperative. While Brazos Electric Cooperative has multiple security measures in place (motion sensors, motion activated lights, and security cameras in some substations) to deter anyone who is not authorize to enter, thefts such as these still occur statewide. It is extremely dangerous for any unauthorized person or persons to enter a substation where there is high voltage and multiple pieces of energized equipment. We also ask our members and the public to avoid coming into contact Wise Electric Cooperative facilities and equipment. If you are experiencing a problem or need assistance, please contact us at (940)627-2167. The theft of wire is not only extremely dangerous for those attempting to steal the wire, but if left undiscovered, can lead to loss of property or serious injury to anyone who may go near the area. We here at Wise Electric Cooperative ask that you report any suspicious activity near substations and distributions lines immediately. If we work together, we can help make our community safe for all.

Pole inspection East of the Heritage Creek North Subdivision

Wise Electric Cooperative will have QPIM (Quality Pole Inspection & Maintenance) contract crews inspecting power poles, conductors, guy wires, and equipment in the area just East of the Heritage Creek North Subdivision & FM 2264. This will also extend to CR 4522, CR 4511, CR 4530, and ending near the Hawk Ridge Subdivision, East of FM 2264. If you encounter these crew’s, please extend the same courtesy to them as you would a cooperative employee. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the WEC office at (940)627-2167.

Routine Maintenance

In an effort to improve our electric distribution system, Wise EC is currently performing routine maintenance on or near the Blockers Camp, Northside Marina area located on Lake Bridgeport. This project is being performed in an effort to improve the electric service in the area around Lake Bridgeport. This project will include, but not be limited to, changing and upgrading of facilities including poles, transformers, conductor(s), and the clearing or tree trimming of existing rights of way. The cooperative’s contractor, FX5 Construction, will be performing the majority of the project. Please extend the same courtesy to them as you would and WEC employee. Thank you in advance as always, if you have any questions or comments, please call our Decatur office at 940-627-2167.