Current Maintenance / Planned Outages

Inspection crew’s

Inspection crew’s will begin working in Greenwood, and continue south in the Greenwood and sycamore community. If you have any questions please call 940-627-2167

Wise EC has teamed with TechServ

Wise EC has teamed with TechServ, Inc. to perform an audit of companies who attach their cable and other equipment to our poles. For Wise EC, this consists mainly of telephone and cable providers. The contractors are in vehicles that should be clearly marked with “Wise Electric Cooperative Contractor” and should be able to present a letter stating the scope of the project and numbers to contact with questions. Please provide the same courtesy to these employees as you would any other cooperative employee. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and feel free to contact the cooperative with questions or concerns.

QPIM inspection crew

Starting today, the QPIM inspection crew has been moved to the north side of Lake Bridgeport to finish up an area that was delayed. The crew will be on Crafton sub; around the El Lago – Blockers Camp area.